Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 Things that I Do

I thought to put all the new experiences, for you, because you may love to read something which may also make your life better. There are few  new things I am trying these days and I can feel it that they have changed my life for sure, and I think they will change your life too.

 If you have read my earlier posts, then you might know that I have started to write the auto-suggestions as a daily routine for myself. I  write the things that I want in my life in the pieces of the papers in my own handwriting and then I sign those pages.

  • Auto-suggestions
It is the first thing that I have started since the last two three months, and I think it was the start of the good things started to happen to me. I write of myself being a healthy, wealthy, and handsome man, with a nice personality, having a good teaching and engineering skills. I have felt that these things has started to take place in my life in real. I write about a beautiful girl friend, and I have one. Paruresis has stuck with me for so long, but now I am more relaxed to urinate along with my friends or the strangers in the public toilets. I  feel comfortable to tell my story to others too, like I am telling it to you. 
So, you can try the auto-suggestion to get the change in your life which you want to have consciously. 
Second thing that I have started now is:

  • Meditation
I am so much impressed with the results that I got, that I can not resist myself from telling them to you. I think to believe me, you have to try the meditation, and you will feel the energy flowing through your body whole day. You can concentrate for more long time, and you can perform to get the better outputs. It is a good practice to start your day with. It puts you in a attentive, relaxing state.

  • Reading books
I think reading the books is the result of the auto-suggestion that I write everyday "I am a good writer, reader, singer and speaker." for myself. I have started to read some books, which relates to the different parts of my life. I will recommend you a book "How to win friends and influence people"by Dale Carnegie. These book provides you a list of the recipes for having a life which you desire by having some few basics of the personality to be clear. There are a numbers of examples, to explain the ideas. 

  • Blogging
I think this a good place to share your ideas with people. It is lovely to see a numbers of page views each day and sometimes getting comments from the sincere readers is like a sauce on the burger.

Thanks for your kind visit!