Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

I am kinda out of place and money to visit the theatres for the new releases, so if you say that I am late to watch this movie, you are right! Anyway, let me say what I have to say today.
It's rare to find anyone without the fifty shades of fucked up, and that is why the book "Fifty shades of Grey" and the movie got famous. Some express these shades in one way and some in the other ways. While you read this post, please try to keep an open mind, if you can't please don't read further, I won't be mad at you, I understand.

The movie shows a guy who had a hard start in his life, some woman used him for sex when he was fifteen years old. Now that he is thirty years old and a successful businessman with a billionaire tag to his name, and with a handsome physique too, anyone can hope him to have a happy girlfriend and a wife.

The movie shows it differently though. His past has taken the steering of his love life. He had a way to deal with his past, to try to be dominant with his partner in bed. Not just dominant but the violence against the girl, whom he claimed to love and which also seems true. But those fifty shades makes him blind to others' hurt.
The anger of being a victim to someone's lust at early age comes out and destroys his relationship. The movie touched me, and as the book became a bestseller, I think it has touched many.

The use of 'fifty' to count the number of shades is random, but no one knows exactly how many shades do we carry inside. Some people are good with talking and lucky enough to talk about the shades of their life, but some are frightened to even look inside, and so they don't even know.

I feel it happens to me, to you or anyone, and we can't do much about it. When Buddha went outside his palace for the first time, he found these shades in different people in different forms, and he didn't know what to do about it. He spent six years away from home, did all kind of yoga and sadhnas and finally called himself a Buddha.
But when he died, he claimed that he can't enlighten everyone, and as you can see the suffering exists even today. He showed a path, but we know that suffering is still there in the world even after 2500 years of his passing. This suffering is nothing but these fifty shades of our past experiences, and beliefs.