Thursday, January 8, 2015

Change is Life - New year New Aims!

2014 passed smoothly with few hunches in between. Since, January till june 2014, I worked with JNGEC Sunder Nagar, and then in July 2014 I admitted for M.Tech. course at NIT Hamirpur.
I could call that a hunch, in the smooth curve of my life and peace of my mind, because I felt it a bit difficult to again sit in the classrooms in the students' desk. 
The good news was that my first eBook, 'Everyday Battle with the Shy Bladder aka Paruresis' had been selling around 7 copies per month. A humble start for the first time self publishing author.

 At the same time, it felt good to upgrade my technical qualification, while earning the scholarship for it. Love relationship went bad, then sometimes good and again bad, in all like a sinusoidal wave. 
It is hard to tell, whether I was single or in a relationship, but alongside my literary skills were getting better with each blog post that I wrote about it, and each eBook that I bought and had been reading since last 2 years. 

It has been a great year, with the year end with another self published eBook, 'Everyday Battle with the Smoke and Cigarette', which I wrote after getting the positive response for the first. It always helps, when I get the emails from the people telling me their experience with my eBook.  I want to write two more eBooks this year, and publish them as another services to my readers.

Writing alongside with the regular study of the Geotechnical courses, becomes a little hectic, but somehow I managed it in the last semester, and I hope to manage it in this semester as well. This time I am equipped with the experience, so I hope that it shall be easy to score better grades in my regular courses, and also better writing in my new eBooks. 

I think, I should try my hand in the romance fiction, but it would need much free time, so I am tending not to announce anything as of now. Exploring the romantic side of my creativiting and studying the Machine Foundations and underground explorations with field testing simultaneously, will be a thrilling experience, though, therefore I long for it.  I shall keep you informed.

I have few resolutions for my daily routine, such as waking up early, running and meditation and then writting at least few lines a day, and studying well, and keeping my personal life personal and happy and all that. It is good to have resolutions, if one can keep them. 

In the mean time, you may share yours with me. Also, you may want to check out my eBooks:

Thank you and wish you every bit of happiness that you want this year.