Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'Happy New Year 2014' with 'Everyday Battle with Smoke and Alcohol'.

Hi there,
I have been longing for this day, the day, when I publish my second book. Coincidentally, the day is the last day of the year 2014, a year worth remembrance for me. I shall remember, it as a year of transformation for me, a joyful year. First it was the year, when for the first time, I read 12 books(other than my academic books) in a row, one book each month. It happened for the first time for me in my entire life(27 years), so worth rejoicing!

I am sure, you might also had certain moments in the passing year, that made you proud of yourself. I remember, I had some resolutions last year, but I am not rigid with my resolutions. On the other hand, I have resolutions everyday. I write self affirmations everyday, for making myself a better person, and wish same for others. 
I brag a lot about my little successes, because it keeps me motivated to do more. Certainly, some people think it to be a show off, moreover a bad thing to do so, but I think it is good to be a show off when it motivates you to do more good for you and others, so instead of trying to be smart by calling others show off, one should show something good of their own. 

It was June's second week, I self published an eBook, which I had been writing since January of the same year. 'Everyday Battle with the Paruresis aka Shy Bladder', is an humble attempt to present whatever knowledge and help I could offer for the people who suffer from Paruresis, the social anxiety disorder. The book is available with Amazon's kindle platform only. 
The day, I self published that book ,I felt light and quite joyful, a feeling of achievement leapt all over me, and within few weeks, I came up with another idea. I started to write another book. Smoking and drugs are more than just a personal problem, it affects our society. I used to be an smoker, and thankfully, through a constant shift in my perspective about drugs, I confidently became an ex-smoker in April 2013. 
Everyday Battle with the Smoke and Alcohol

In June 2014, it was almost one year, since last I touched any cigarette. I was filled with energy and new hopes.I felt quite confident about writing  an eBook. I loved writing, so it I thought it would be a great fun to write another book, my own story of struggle with cigarettes with whatever advice that I could offer to others.
 I had no rigid plans to finish the book, because I have been busy with my post graduation courses at the same time. Anyway, my real passion is in writing, so I did plan to give at least 20 minute each day for this new project. Today, I feel this another feeling of achievement, because quite satisfactorily I poured down my story and ideas into this another bucket full of words, titled as "Everyday Battle with the Cigarette and Alcohol".

The reason I call it a bucket is, because you may start reading any line or page of this book, and it will be quite useful. It contains my own story of bringing the change in me in the first part of it, and the second part, which I call 'Magic Bullet' is a guide that will make a person realise that he or she doesn't really have to smoke. It covers the psychology of the trap that a smoker is trapped into, and once you understand it, you will feel free at once. No more craving for another cigarette. I am writing this post in the last hours of the year 2014, so want to thank you for all the support you gave to me all throughout the year.

It would not have been possible to write all these posts and eBooks, without the support of you. I am expecting myself soon to go for another project, because that is what I crave for now. I wish you a very happy new year 2014, and want to wish you all the best with the good things that you should crave for. 
If quitting cigarettes is one of your new year resolutions, then I would like you to take a look at my new eBook 'Everyday Battle with the Smoke and Alcohol', available for purchase at Amazon's kindle platform. 
If you have similar stories, please do share with me, I would love to read them. 

Thank you!