Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smoking and Drinking habit -Simple Two Steps Cure

If you are a smoker or a drinker and you want to change it for your own good, I want to share my own story with you.
First tell me, what is it that makes a person so much dedicated/addicted to the smoking or drinking?

Smoking kills 
You may already have the following two answers:
(1) They become the biological needs of our body &
(2) Mental Need: Once this habit started, it is impossible to remove it.

Now I will put some more light on these two reasons, But these reason don't look the same way to me, after recovering from these habits I have put the names as follows:

  • Biological diseases : You might have read or told that these materials contain some chemicals which stimulate your nervous system and which makes you relieve from the anxiety or any other uncomfortable mental state. That is a proven fact but, it is also a proven fact that they do not remove those uncomfortable mental state for ever. Only for a very small time period, and after that period the level of the anxiety is again the same or even more. So, if you think logically these drugs are not the biological needs of human body, but they are destroyer of your liver and heart.  
Every year there are so many cases of the smoke born diseases and the alcohol born diseases so instead of a biological need they are biological diseases. Biologically speaking the need of these drugs is 0%, until some doctor have prescribed them to you under some special circumstances.

  • Mental Disease:
Now you might have been told by your trusted friends or relatives that once this habit is started it is impossible to remove or leave it. You might have heard this line at that time when you have not even touched a cigarette and this became a belief to you because someone trustworthy told you this.
This belief in itself is a mental disease, don't get me wrong but I am not saying that your friends or relatives have done this intentionally to you but they said these lines just to warn you to not even touch these drugs but the same lines becomes the disease for you if you touch these materials.
If once the habit is started and then if you leave it, then your friend's statement becomes a false statement, and how can a friend let the other friend down? You trust those friends and relatives and so do you trust their statements.
Now this single statement is the biggest disease in the mind of a addict. If they had never been told this line, I think it was very easy to leave this habit. So it is not impossible to leave this habit, because it is not a mental need, but it is a mental disease. I am telling you this because I have left this habit about 1 and half years ago, and it is possible to leave it easily by yourself.
Now when you have understood the above two reasons to not have these materials around you, I will give few more reasons:

  • Financial disease: If you know even a very little math, then you can calculate that suppose if you consume about INR 40/- per day on these materials, then in a month it will cost you INR 1200/-, in a year it will cost you INR14,400/- and in ten years it will cost you INR 1,44,000/- now calculate for forty years. You wasted this big amount on  that shit, just to further, degrade your physical and mental health. Are you a fool? If you are doing this then I am sure you are a fool, but you can be a wise person if stop all this right now, be a wise man and save your money for something constructive purpose. 

  • Time killing disease: Have you calculated the amount of time you spend on smoking and drinking, I am sure to finish a pack of cigarette you will need at minimum 30 minutes, and to finish a bottle you will need 2 hours at minimum, now calculate the numbers of packs, and the numbers of bottles you have consumed and then calculate how much of your precious time you have wasted. 
You know it is bad but still you have it!
Now after you are aware of all you losses, now let us work on to stop all this, by having something fruitful habits in your life. Remember the first question I asked to you, and your answer. I know that you want to leave this habit, but somehow you are not able to do so. I will help you to get out of it. You know that it is more of a mental disability then a physical one, so you have to become mentally strong.

You have to guide your hand to through it in the dust-been instead of taking it in your mouth. You must understand that your hands are not your guide but it is your constructive thoughts which should guide your hands. I know it is easy to said then done, because I have gone through the same phase. Until the mental level is not strong your hands will do the mistake, so let us make your mind strong enough, filled with the determination, willpower, courage, faith and all the wisdom there to start thinking something constructive for you.

What do you do to make muscular body, obviously you eat well and exercise regularly. Your mind can also become muscular if you provide it with the positive thoughts, and some right kind of mental exercises.
To have the positive thoughts you can read all the books, by the great persons, you should read their biographies or you can by some self help book on the topic. Now the second part is exercises, and the best mental exercise which you can do is regular meditation.

You can read my other post on the meditation for the further details about it, and I assure you that after giving about 20 minutes of a day to yourself you will become very much strong. So in short you can do the following things:
(1) Spend some money on the nice books for your self help.
(2) Meditate regularly for about 20 minutes or more.

This has worked for me, and if it can work for me, I am sure it can work for you too.

Final words: If you are already smoke free, alcohol free, then you should guide your friends or relatives either by making them read this article or the other wisdom available anywhere. I wish you all the best, and thank you for your time.
God bless you!