Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overcome the Phobia

Hi, How you doing? I am going to share few lines about Phobia and its cure.

  • Phobias:

I am just an another human being like you, and it might be the case that you also suffer from some of the phobias. You might be suffering from one the following phobias:
(1) Water Phobia
(2) Height Phobia
(3) Stage fear
(4) Social phobias
(5) Traffic phobia
(6) Dark Phobia
and the list can go on and on..

If your phobia is not on the above list, don't worry, because all the phobias are similar. Take the height phobia for instance, people who suffer from this phobia are afraid of the heights and they can even faint if they are taken to a height and are asked to look down.

Other person can go to heights confidently and can enjoy the bird's eye view of the down. If you look at the two person from the out they both may be physically fit, but the difference is in their mental. The first person might have linked some bad incident with the heights, he might have seen someone falling from the height, or he might have experienced some kind of accident from a height.

Whenever he/she is at the heights, it makes them remember the painful outcome which they have internalized in themselves even if it doesn't happen to themselves. It is very much real for them, and makes them anxious, so they avoid the heights. Similarly a person might be afraid of dark, water, crowd, stage, traffic or even from a vehicle.

For the second person this whole mental process is a foreign activity so they feel normal at such places. Important part is what you do when you come to know about your phobias.
If you are one of the person suffering from a phobia, you always have two options:

  1. Accept your phobia as it and live with it.
  2. Know your phobia and then overcome it with your willpower and courage.

 I think there are people who chose the first option, because it is easy for them, but before you do that let me do a little more talk.

If you are suffering from a phobia, don't think that you are the only person in this whole world who suffers from it, there is a very long list of people who suffer from the similar or same phobia but the problem with such people is, they think that they are the only one in this whole world who suffer from it.
They secretly curse the God for it, but the other nice thing that they can do for them self is confront this phobia, and overcome it with the faith in GOD and in human mind power. Our mind is very powerful.

  • Need of a powerful mind: If you don't control this powerful organ of your body, it will control and will result in such kind  of phobias. So if you want to overcome such phobias, you have to control your mind for your betterment, so that you can make it work peacefully for your own and others good.

I know it is easy said than done, but why don't you see all the successful people in this world. They all are born with the similar organs, like two eyes, one nose, two arms, two legs and two hands etc. They have a brain like yours but the difference between such successful people and others is that these people know how to control their mind and make it walk a successful path.

Now you got that controlling your mind is the key to success so, you would love to know about techniques for controlling your mind. I will suggest you try the mind exercises like meditation. When you meditate regularly, you make you mind clear of all the unnecessary self talk that you do all the time, so your mind becomes clear. You become focused at your target.

  • Technique to overcome phobia: Once you are focused your mind becomes more powerful and results in the increased productivity in any kind of work you do. Now once your mind is powerful I will suggest you do the following mental exercises to overcome your phobia.

Suppose, you are suffering from a height phobia, you have to understand that you have some kind of bad belief about the heights. If you take care of yourself, you can watch from a height at the places which are at the lower elevations.
 If you have this kind of understanding, you can imagine yourself standing at such heights and watching below. If you not able to imagine, watch other people doing this, and if possible make the pictures/drawings of yourself standing at such heights. Once you internalize this picture into your mind you can stand there comfortably next or other next time. All you need is a powerful determined, focused mind for it.
Similarly if you are suffering from Paruresis or so called shy bladder, first of all I must tell you that almost 7 to 10% of world population suffers from it. All you have to do is imagine yourself, urinating in the public toilets, in presence of the other people around.

Once this picture in internalized in your mind, next or other next time you can urinate along with the others in the public toilets. You can draw this picture of yours in  a plane paper to make it more clear in your mind. Put this picture on the wall of your room and look at it everyday. So you have overcome your phobia now.
You can overcome any kind of phobia using this technique. What ever phobia you have in your mind, imagine just its opposite in your mind, and keep doing so until the picture becomes so clear that it turns into your physical actions.
This way you can overcome your any phobia, all you need is, make your mind powerful enough to go through all this mental process.
Conclusion: So concluding the article I will suggest these simple steps to overcome any phobia:

  1. Meditate regularly to make a powerful mind.
  2.  Use the law of attraction while meditating to attract just the opposite outcome of the horrible image you have in your mind. 
You have to change this picture into the picture where you are happy, in peace and in freedom. So make the pictures of yourself doing the thing which you are fear of, and put it on the wall of your room. Look at it until it turns into a reality of your life.

Thank you for your kind visit!