Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where is it going?

Hi friend,

How you doing? Do you feel that you need answers to so many questions at once? Life seems complicated when it is filled with questions and more so when questions are about the life itself.

I have few questions in my mind and one of them which is most important and which is stopping  or making me a little shy to post these questions here is that is it good or okay to have such questions in life?

Why does every day seems like another battle day?
Why do I have to think all the time?
Why my problems not taken care of by itself or by someone such as God?
Is it only me who feel this way, and if others also feel same way does it really matters to me?
Why do people hurt each other? specifically those whom you love the most  hurts you most.
If God really is there, why he doesn't show up and tell me to not worry about anything because of him being there.
Why I feel that my voice is unheard, and everybody closes their ears to whatever I have to say?
Why does it feel that I can do anything and can achieve anything but then suddenly feel being falling from the height of a tower to a muddy ground?
Why do people play games? Do I also seems to be playing games with them?
If yes, then how can I stop hurting them?
Is it possible to make a relationship with someone without hurting them?

I think these are enough for today, if you have anything to share with me please write into the comment box.

Thanks for your kind visit!