Monday, April 14, 2014

Singing in TWASK 2014(Annual Tech fest of JNGEC)

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Today, I updated my Facebook status message on the morning of 14th April 2014, with following lines:
" Fear is before you put your feet on the stage, once you are there, you enjoy every bit of it. Singing is also one of my interests and today I feel so light after performing at TWASK 2014(Annual Technical Festival of JNGEC). 
Thanks to the organizers and every person behind. :)".
Back of the T-Shirt designed for faculties on TWASK 2014 
Although this was a Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti too but, this was more personal so, those words naturally came out because this was a lovely yesterday evening when I performed singing on stage in front of about 800 audience after a period of about 6 years. I love music and I have done it at small gatherings 100 of times but this was the best of all of them.

Last time this was at NIT Hamirpur where I performed two times one at an alumni meet (2006 or 07) and another was a singing competition in NIMBUS both at NIT Hamirpur Auditorium.

As of today, I am a faculty member at JNGEC Sunder Nagar so, the specialties of this performance were:

  1. Faculties rarely perform like singing on such events.
  2. I performed duet with a student.
    Me(Sanjay) with Shiwani for the singing performance in TWASK 2014
I got compliments from people who met me after function that this was a lovely performance. Me and Shiwani performed four songs one after other in the following sequence:

  1. Baareesh (Yaariyan)
  2. Do lafzon ki hai Dil ki Kahani (Yaarana)
  3. Chain aapko mila (Hungama)
  4. Chaand Cupa Badal mein (Hum Dil de chuke Sanam)
We sung them in Rangoli format, singing only parts of the songs. Shiwani is a good singer and matched with my voice.

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