Friday, March 28, 2014

Normalization of Marks in GATE 2014

This post is a following to my previous post "Fever GATE 2014" which I wrote on a day, 2 days before the GATE 2014 examination. I was not willing to appear in examination but, today the results are out and I am happily sharing this post with you.
I scored 38 marks in the morning session exam and they cut 2.25 marks to bring my normalize score to 35.7. Normalization might sound unfair but, after studying the method they used to normalize the marks, one has to accept it.

I was discussing the method with some of my friends living at Sunder Nagar and they explained the method of normalization which sounds correct. They separately averaged the marks obtained by all candidates appeared in the two sessions and compared them. The session getting higher average marks was considered easy and so their marks were to be reduced, they prepared a normalization formula to normalize the marks.

Fair enough?.... Sounds fair to me. I know it matters/affects much to the candidates having higher scores such as in 60s because their higher ranking matters a lot to get the best college or PSUs. Guys! what else could they have done? Nothing else comes to my mind so, let's co-operate with the system and ourselves.
I want to thank my friends, students(you made me study) and my teachers and colleagues. Honestly I thought that there was no hope for me with Civil Engineering because, I left that in the early years of my 4 years college degree because I was least interested in it.

Today, I am happy and this post is just to tell you that I am happy because of you. Although,  I am not a qualified person to guide you enough but, if you are going to appear next year in GATE examination still I would love to help anything if I can so, please write in to me.

Thanks for your kind visit!