Friday, January 31, 2014

Fever "GATE 2014"

Warning: If you are one of the toppers of your class please don't read this post. I will prepare another one for you.

"I hate examinations, I don't want to give this exam but, I see no other way." that is what I wrote to my friend on Facebook chat. GATE 2014 is on 2nd Feb and I am still confused if I really want to appear in the exam or not. From deep within my heart I don't want to appear in the examination.

I chose Civil Engineering because my father was with me in the counselling at NIT Jalandhar and he picked up NIT Hamirpur, which only offered Civil Engineering for me. Now after working in hydro power projects for two years, I had forgot even the names of my subjects. I again picked up the books because I love teaching which I started about 2 and half years ago. I started to study those books which I encountered with at my rare visits to the NIT Hamirpur Library. In my four years degree I bought only three books.

When-ever I go to give a lecture, I go with full preparations and recently I realized that I have created an interest for Civil Engineering. Last year I thought of appearing in GATE which is not my real interest because I am not yet sure of what I will do if I score good in it. I am not interested in M.Tech. and also am not interested in PSUs. But,

Our director at JNGEC  has asked me about ten times in last three months "GATE ki taiyari kar rahe ho?". So, that made me pick up the book for about one hour everyday since last two months. I love my teachers and I can't lie to them and I couldn't answer the above question with a 'no' to them. He use to be our Hydrology professor at NIT Hamirpur.

Today it is 1st Feb and last night I dreamed myself sitting in examination hall with question paper in my hand. I attempted about 30 questions and left the structural mechanics and structural analysis part which I have prepared good, because time ran away so fast that three hours seemed as one minute. So, dream is giving me a bad feeling but reality is going to unfold itself tomorrow.

Currently I am sitting in front of my laptop and Sun has just popped out of the mountain head which is at about 45 degree angle from my window. I am listening to Aaron Carter to his new song and I feel very light after posting this post. If you one of the aspirants of GATE 2014, and if you read this post before tomorrow, best of luck to you for your GATE examination and if later then I would love to read your story.

So, Please share it with me. Thank you!