Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Professing Engineering.. and why do I love my students

I think this post is now a necessity of my blog, it is 2 years and almost eight months since I am offering lectures on various Civil Engineering subjects.

Me with Auto-Level -( at JNGEC Sunder Nagar)- (Photo courtesy- Tarungoel.in)
Working with Abhilashi group of Institutions was a fresh start so, I learned my first talk with my dear students which were the first batch of this newly founded institute at Chail Chowk. I have a feeling that my first meeting with the students is always a joyful and interesting one. In first meeting I like to introduce myself and then know them. I try to learn their names which can be an easy task if, the students take interest in my subject.

I taught "Strength of materials" and "Surveying" to my first students, I wanted to teach them further but due to location and money I switched to SIRDA group of institutions. I always loved my students and my new students were also lovely, most of them were girls. SIRDA was a girls college when it started but it became a co-educational(boys and girls both) 3 years ago.

Teaching becomes an emotional task when the students start to wish you good mornings and afternoons in the streets or markets where-ever they meet you. Feeling special even when you get a few cash every month, seems logical because you feel and share the old college moments in them.
A click at my motor-cycle with JNGEC on a silent, shining, cold morning.
Some moments which you yourself have never felt, comes out through them, finally emerging through you and makes you feel fulfilled.

A great amount of satisfaction is felt, when you teach them something which you think to you have taught them something very much profoundly which, you felt to also have deserved at your times but you were not taught that way. Then a disappointment is felt when you think that you have taught them at your best but still they are not performing as expected.

That is the point where you need to remind yourself of your own days with your teachers. I know ours teachers might have felt the same way because, they also must have tried their best. They taught you next day even if you were sleeping in their previous class.

They will again try to make it more interesting for you and at some time they become successful in doing so. I can feel their happiness and fulfillment in our fulfillments. I know this because, I feel same way when I come across such events.
JNGEC Sunder Nagar have made my teaching skills a little better because, here I am not time bounded to attend the college at sharp 9:00 AM and leave at 5:00PM but, I can go when-ever my lecture is scheduled.
Heart touching words from Civil Engg. batch(2011-14)(Gitasha and friends)- SIRDA polytechnic 

Freedom from un-necessary formalities is one of lovely attractions for me to work for. Getting salary on the right time even if it is less than the previous ones gives more satisfaction than a salary which you got after being forced to feel like a beggar. Getting appreciated for the good work is one of the prime motivation for any professional.

One most important appreciation is one from your own students, their appreciation gets reflected in their smiley faces when you enter the class-room. Their appreciation is reflected when they are present in the class-room at sharp 9:00AM and not asking for attendance if they are late.

Their appreciation is also reflected when they personally call you to inform you when they are on mass bunk so that, I should not expect them being present in class-room when they are not.
Some of the mass bunks are genuine which might be for appearing in some kind of test/exams etc. but, generally mass bunks are some secret pleasure giving weapons with students which can not be defined by anyone, in a logical way.
A Lunch party organised by first batch of SIRDA for their teachers on the occasion of having 100% result in their final exams (21-05-2013)

In class, some students are too much observed in the subject matter and some are in their own mind fighting and playing with their last night dreams and then smiling a times when you least expected them but, it is not their fault because they smile in some different places, not in classrooms.

Day dreaming is one of the common jobs for many of them and poking them out of it is one of the enjoyable one for me.
Teaching have a numbers of challenges with it but are interesting enough to deal with.
At last, I love you all, for being my companions in learning and I hope we will go far distances.

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