Saturday, August 24, 2013

Check yourself while you meditate

You have to keep few things in mind while you meditate to make yourself more aware of your mental and physical abilities. Everybody knows that meditation is very useful for your concentration and over all productivity in anything you do. It becomes very necessary to meditate in the right manner, so here are few checks which you must continuously do while meditating:
(1) Try to focus on the breathing, by saying "Sau" while you breathe in and "Hum" while you breathe out. Or you can use any Mantra you are given.
(2) Make sure that your back is straight.
(3) Make sure your shoulders are laid back.
(4) If you feel tension in any part of your body that means you are not relaxed yet but your goal is to be relaxed in the conscious pose. So find out in which part of the body this tension resides and then re-position that part and feel the energy coming out of it.
finally when you are in the right pose and right focus you will feel that there is a lot of energy around you and you will go on meditating without any effort. Initially it might be difficult for you to sit for 5 minutes but while you learn the right way, you will meditate for more than 1 hour without any effort and you will enjoy it.
Thank You!