Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't bring me problems bring the solutions

Do you have some straining relationship with your Boss at work? If so, then you have to realize it first that no body want such straining relations in their life, not even your Boss. There are some skills to be learnt to make the working environment happy for you and everybody else.  Here is one of the tip which I came across recently through some channels.
 I was once discussing some departmental problems in the institutional area and one of the old man said "you should bring the solutions, Engineers has all the solutions.". It was an inspirational line to learn about. I have heard this advise for some times now, and I think it is really a key to success when you are dealing with your boss. The better version of this line is, or exactly what he wanted to say was "Don't bring me problems, bring me the solutions.".
If I assume myself to be someone's boss then I would love my co-workers if they bring the solutions to their problems to discuss with me and finalize them with me. I think you or anybody would also love such co-workers who bring the solutions of their problem to discuss with them and ask you to take the necessary step to help them with the work.
According to Dr. Michael Watkins who was interviewed recently by a popular host of one of the most popular podcast on the leadership theory, 'Dose of Leadership' by Richard Rierson, this is very important factor to have the fruitful relationship with your boss. If you bring the solutions with you then it will make you more fruitful with your time and job. I am inspired to follow this advise in my job too. I hope God will give me the mental and physical strength to do so.
Thank you for your attention.