Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lost in Facebook.

I remember Varun Agarwal wrote a line in his debut book titled as How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company which meant, Facebook has spoiled so many lives in the recent years if somebody is jobless and if is bored of life he/she is on Facebook.  I will not say that Facebook is responsible for spoiling my or anyone's life but yes it a very good way to spoil your life or time. 
I have tried to ask my mind this question so  many times but it always denied to tell me the truth and it has taken me to this so called Facebook which is not a Face-book but some kind of trap to just dissolve your mind in it like a sugar or salt is dissolved in the water. You will not be able to catch your mind, because you don't know if it exit or not. If you are a Facebook user then it might hurt you if I call it a online website, you would love it to be called it with its name "Facebook" just like you like to be called with your first name. Think with a cool head, and find if your love for this website is justified or not?
Think a little deeper is it really a Face-book? I think not.  It is not a Face-book but it is a website which if is not used properly for advertising your skills or talents, then it is the crap-book. You will not know and within no time you are among those millions of people who keep posting crap of their life in it, it is a kind of sink for them to flush their tensions and insecurities, but the tragedy of the their life is that this insecurity or anxiety is never going to be cured here, it will double or triple in size but you become a kind of blind believers of Facebook, and you keep on posting the crap, which does not matter to anyone but to your self only. People who understand your feelings might have sympathy with you and they will try to travel along with you in this virtual world, but I think a person do not need the sympathy they need the compassion and empathy.  
You feel that after posting this that, your celebrity status is going to rise but hey!(tap on shoulder) are you really a celebrity??
NOOOO, if you are not a celebrity in real world becoming a celebrity in the virtual world does not make you a celebrity. You are playing a video game in which the central character is a person who can have a profile picture of yourself or anything else. Then you try to act like whatever you want to become, but the problem is that it is nothing more than just a mental masturbation. You are not going to become a celebrity if you think that you are a celebrity in the Facebook. 
Have you seen a celebrity in the Facebook? Yes,  you might have seen a Celebrity in the Facebook, but remember that, firstly  he/she is a celebrity, and then he is on the Facebook. You know him for his real life works not for him/her having a Facebook profile or for their Facebook updates. You don't have the time left for reading the other Facebook updates than your own updates, such is the level of the illusion in there. 
Further look at their activities on the Facebook, they are not online by themselves to operate their profile 24 hours like you are. They promote their products like Films, shows, and some other real life heroes  which has influence in their real life. They are not their online to chat with their friends, they have some real means to do so. Their life is so busy that they might have hired someone else to operate or update their profiles just to promote their products and nothing else. They find the audience like you and me, but I think they are also wasting their time because Facebook users are so much busy that they don't have the time to watch a real kind of movie and the result is that the movies like "Chennai Express" turns into a big blockbuster breaking all the records.
If the Celebrity is a very much famous one then there is no need for them to make a profile on Facebook, because their products are already advertised through their fan pages. Fan pages makes sense and are more respectful, otherwise everybody is self amused, then who is going to appreciate the others. Sincerity is totally killed in Facebook, people who talk on Facebook might not even greet each other in real life. The sadness of talking on the Facebook has killed their enthusiasm and joys of real life meetings. Just like a chain smoker fires another cigarette before the last one is finished, users type Facebook in the address bar of the web browser not knowing that it is already open in the next tab. 

God Please Save me and all the Facebook users, and bless us with some wisdom to save our creativity and innocence!!



Sanjay Kumar