Monday, November 24, 2014

Here comes the Examination Again! Calling from the..

Did the title of this post remind you of any rhyme of a song? If you have listened to that song, it must have. "Wake me up when September ends...Here comes the rain again, falling from the star.. ".. now??
Well, this is funny that I am writing this post, because within one week, I have my final end semester examinations and there is so much to read and understand, however it seems that as the examination is nearer, I am grasping the things much faster, but I think writing it down here can help me a little more.

After the year 2009, this is been a long gap for me to experience the thrill, horror, excitement, happiness(No!, I am not confused with my emotions, we actually feel all of them), and suspense of the examinations. I am writing this very honestly that, I want to appear in the examinations just to experience it once more.
Stressed me a bit! :P (Actually I am not that much stressed, its the camera effect that adds to it)

I want to see if I can do it in a better way, after this long gap. I have no intention to score the highest marks, or scoring the lowest marks, I just want to appear in the examination and want to face the fear once more, which once horrified me during my B.Tech.years to such an extent that I started smoking. I know, its a sad story, but now the time has changed. I am free from the clutch of the smoking and this time, I want to take it single handedly.

It is a kind of record for me to never take a chit(cheating paper), with me into the examination hall, and I am proud of myself for that. I think that the only thing that really helps us to score good in our examination is the understanding and the data of the subject stored in our own mind. If we use other means, it might help us to score good marks, but mind gets corrupted, and in long run, you score very less. In order to keep our mind focused on the right, we must learn to relax also.

Music and meditation can be a good help. I can write a very long post, but as I told you, I have my examination, so I must stop.
Thank you

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