Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shy Bladder is my own responsibility!

A Phobia which makes you freeze!Other people are there in the public rest room and you are waiting for it to come out, but it doesn't.It is a problem with the 7% of the world's population as per the wiki records. It is known as the 'Shy bladder'  or 'Paruresis'.

My Encounter with shy bladder

I was not born with the shy bladder because if it was there then my mother would not have been the person changing my diapers. It was not there and I can recall the people teasing me how I use pee in the arms of my loved ones.
I was often when I stood there between the grown people in a toilet and I was not able to pee there. I came out and told my father who was waiting there that I did not pee. He asked me why I said I don't know. It was the incident which I remember as my first encounter with the demon.

Shy Bladder

I cannot relieve my bladder  in public bathroom in front of other men, maybe,  because I think it is not good idea to pee when the other are there. I came to know about some Islamic views on urination and somehow they reinforces my idea.
If it does not make feel bad to others then, why is there such restriction in Islam?  Does that make them feel bad?  I don't think so, but somehow this thought has so much stuck in my mind that maybe I have started to feel bad when somebody urinates along with me.

I understand that this is normal thing for everyone and that is what I want to make it for me too. That is the purpose of making such posts here.


 I read an article today in www.paruresis.orgA day in the life of a paruretic” by Allan w. Court.

It tells the story of a man who never told anyone about the phobia till the age of 40. He tells about his recovery from the phobia. I think it is going to be a good fight with the shy bladder for me.

All you can do is just fight with it if you can because it is mental and it is hard for others to enter your mind and change those patterns which stop you from peeing. One can go to psychiatrist and ask for the help. You can recover from the phobia but cannot get cured. For more information go the site link I gave above.
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I have modified this post on 07th January 2014 while original date is still on it, I want to be helped and want to help. So, if you are on the same journey, share your ideas with me. I am here listening to you!