Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facebook- more than a social networking website

I think everyone who use the internet is familiar with this social networking website i.e.
If you need to know more about the website records then please visit here:
I have started using the facebook about four years ago, when it attracted me through its games.
Now I see that there are so many pages created by various people, of different topics. Some people use the pages to highlight the daily news and some use the pages to write about their favorite celebrities.
One can locate the position of their residence and that place is given with the link for more details from the wiki.
It has become a bigger place than any other place on the internet. You can have direct chat with friends, or you can have video conferencing.
It is a kind of virtual world, and sometimes I feel that it also have disadvantages. People have some problems and instead of facing them in the real world they put it on their facebook wall. They are going away from the reality.
I see the people protesting against the recent gang rape in Delhi, on facebook, trying to show their grief with few lines. They are very different from the people who are holding the candles in the Delhi and demanding for the new law, because they are doing nothing but gossiping about it on the facebook.
The real people are on the roads of the Delhi.
There are some people who click the photos standing in between those people and then post it immediately in the facebook, such photos are more real and they tell the true story.

As of now, this site has a very big traffic and I think it is earning a lot. People are just addicted to it.