Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bruce Lee- Martial Artist, Actor

Today I bought a DVD about the life of Bruce Lee. Bruce was the second son of Mr. Lee Hoi- Chuen, who later become a martial artist, and actor. He was born on the 27 November 1940 in San Francisco. His father was an opera singer in Hong-Kong and was on one year tour to San Francisco with the opera company when Bruce Lee was born.
Martial art is well known for your self-defense, and some people say that it is the art of living a good life.
The aim of learning the martial arts is not to prepare yourself to harm others, but it prepare you mentally in such a way that you never will have the need to fight to anyone in life. It is a kind of art of living.
Bruce was born with the passion to learn the martial arts. He later became a martial arts trainer and when he signed the Hollywood movies, he broke all the previous records.
He died at the age of 33 making everybody shocked and sad.
His wife married other men later and his son also died in some accident while shooting at the set.
Bruce lived for a short life span but he is the hero in the whole world and no other can become Bruce Lee. He will be remembered for his work he has done in the Area of Martial Arts and for the people of China.