Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Talking to Myself in Dreams

Hi, Last night I dreamed about a person trying to kill me. He is trying to kill me by standing in the way to my home and waiting for me somehow, I knew that he wanted to kill me so, instead of fighting I changed the way of my home but, the situation gets worse because, he is tries to search me.
The dream almost awoke me and I remember the dream because, I felt it so real. Now in real life that person is a person in my village whose brother died recently in an accident but, I was not able to attend the cremation ceremony.

I am away from the home due to my current profession and I am busy all the time but, my parents were there to do all that.I think somehow I feel that I am guilty by not attending to the ceremony.

I felt bad about the accident but also felt that his brother was stupid to drive in drunken state.
Now if I think logically I have not done anything wrong yet but, the dream tells me that I have done something wrong and that is why the person is trying to kill me.
Maybe this all dream thing is due to the over thinking about that whole event.
One side tells me that I did nothing wrong and other tells me that I am wrong somewhere.
There are other many times when I feel the same. I hate it when it happens to me.

Thanks for your kind visit!