Saturday, January 12, 2013

Relaxed Peeing at Public Bathroom (Paruresis)

I recently read an article about the mechanism in our mind which, results in the shy bladder syndrome. Whenever you think of that situation, it comes in your mind and you can feel the same fear of it turning into reality and then it turns into reality.

  • Anxiety : A problem like shy bladder is a result of the anxiety which sets up in our mind and screws it up in such a way that you are not able to pee in front of others.

It is not the environment of the toilet which you are afraid of because, there is no one coming to harm you to kick you in ass and asking anything. Even it is not any kind of some evil spirit which stops me from urinating.

  • Anxiety --->> Shy bladder : It is the anxiety of having some kind of feeling which I don't want to have in mind when I am urinating in the presence of the others. When I am there, I am anxious that I will have those some kind of feelings which I don't want and it results in more anxiety, so I am not able to relax.

  • Sigh of Relief : When I realized this fact, I took a sigh and thought that it is just the thought filled with fear which stops me. There is no real danger out there. This is psychological and can be treated by controlling the thoughts. I or you no-one is alone, there are so many people having same affliction.

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