Saturday, January 12, 2013

Human values

I read somewhere that it is the women or ladies who talk a lot about relations and think more as compared to men. On the other hand men think more of sex and less of relations. I think that I think of relations also and sex too.
Recently I attended a workshop on the human values which told me that human is combination of two entities, one is physical body and another is the conscious(self), and one should work for prosperity of the human. Our body needs the sensations, and the self needs the happiness.
Reaching the happiness is directly related with the harmony in our desires and achievements, in our relations to our family, relation with the society and relation with the nature. I sometimes think that I want to be like someone who is happy and do everything right. Who is able to express everything in a good way.
Then there is actual me, which is not able to do everything that I wan to be. So there are always two parts in me which. If there is harmony among the two, means you become what you really want to be then you can become happy.
One should always strive for the prosperity means, to achieve the things which you really need, and not those which you don't need. If you don't need more than 4 trousers in real then don't buy five to accumulate more. If one try to get the respect to self, buy accumulating the physical facilities then, it is never going to happen.