Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chandigarh- A City of Peace

Hi, How you doing? Here is a story of a visit to Chandigarh of a Anonymous person(Me).

We chuckled many times after spotting our place of standing on our visit to this strange place for both of us. Our guide for reaching our destination after stepping out of the Auto-Rickshaw was a map which you can find at every intersection of the gird patterned road of Chandigarh.

A busy street of Chandigarh
Rahul and I took the opportunity to wander the roads of 26th, 27th, 28th, 17th and 43rd sectors of Chandigarh on our feet. The city was beautifully clean and is well organised into various sectors. There are very good transport facilities and also city roads are well maintained with proper signals at the intersections and other mandatory signs.
There are directions and city maps for the help of the wandering people like us.

We were scheduled to attend the 5 days 'Induction program' organized by NITTTR Chandigarh for the various technical teachers of the northern region. Rahul and me were one day late from the scheduled time but still the institute was kind enough to entertain us. They offered us the best food and the best sleeping beds available at their hostels.
Program was scheduled with a numbers of guest lectures, mainly focused to equip us with some new techniques of better teachings. 
For sure I enjoyed the lectures, at the same time it was first time for me to stay at Chandigarh for more than a day period. I took the opportunity and roamed with Rahul on the above said sectors.
Sitting at a cafe near to Sukhna lake - clicked by Rahul
I wanted to explore it more but I was able to visit Sukhna lake and then a cinema multiplex nearby to sector 26.
Dabbang 2 seemed interesting on this big screen along with the popcorn in our hand. I explored Chandigarh first time at details on internet and came to know about its history of formation and the interesting design given by Swiss Architect "Le Corbusier".

His symbol of peace "The open hand" can be seen at many places including Sukhna Lake.

Thanks for you kind visit!