Sunday, March 24, 2013

Success and Me

Hi, I think all the depression and all the negative thoughts are just the bad creation of my own mind. My mind is like a computer, in which if the commands are given in proper and required manner, we get the good results, but if the commands are other way then it will produce the bad results.
All the negative thoughts are results of bad inputs which I give to my mind.
If I sow a seed of wheat, I get the wheat but if we put then seed of maize then we get the same, so it is important to put in the nice thoughts to the mind to reap nice outcomes from it.

 I have already started the auto-suggestion work, which has resulted in the right programming of mind. I feel better now.
Today I had this thought, there is everything in me, that is required to be a successful man. I have a good education, a good body, and a good world around me to work within. I am going to work in a good way for everything good.

Thanks for your kind visit!