Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Traffic Control System of Sunder Nagar (Himachal)

Hi, I am thankful to God that I was able to control my motor cycle after a big push from behind. This happened to me at NH-21, near  Petrol Pump, Chatrokhari, Sunder Nagar, Mandi.
Surely, Go gave me the control and stability of mind to handle that push and I was able to handle the motor cycle.

I was going to take the right turn, which is a dangerous maneuver in Indian roads specially on the high traffic roads. I saw the road behind me it was clear but, when I reached the center of the road, this vehicle came out like from hell and pushed me forward.

The was a Car from the Bihar state, I read it after he stopped the Car. I guess he was driving almost 100 + kmph speed but, the speed limit for the road is 40kmph. He pulled the breaks and a little bit later and the car stopped after pushing my motor-cycle with me in forward direction.

 I think there is a need to have better control over the traffic in this market place of the Sunder Nagar, because the life is the most precious thing on this world.

There should be speed limit signs at more places, and a better team of the traffic controlling. The drivers should be levied high penalty, for rash driving.
Today after waking up in the morning, I feel like I got rebirth into the world. I want to thank the God for giving me courage and strength to handle that instant.

Thanks for you kind visit!