Friday, April 19, 2013

"Dose of leasdership" – An interesting prodcast

I am continuous listener of the podcast "Dose of leadership" which is free to download and listen if you are using the i-tunes. Doses of leadership gets downloaded to the i-tunes if I am subscribed to it. I love hearing the interviews with the most inspiring, and courageous leaders.
The anchor of the show is Richard Rierson, who talks to various leaders and the interview is free to download. Yesterday on 19th April, the host of the show was Mr. Mark Sanborn, President of Sanborn & Associates inc., a studio to develop the leaders in the business and in life.
He is also a bestselling author and a speaker. He tells the story of his life till now. He was a farm boy who is interesting in the speaking from his childhood. He got success with the speaking and writing. 
It was a good interview in which Mark revealed about how he was inspired to speaking from the childhood. He said that he was into speaking from the childhood and he always wanted to have the good speaking techniques. He further revealed his further journey to become a good leader, and a bestselling author.
You can listen to the podcast also by visiting the website of the Richard Rierson, www.doseof, where the audio files are available and also you can download the audio books from the
According the Richard Rierson, Dose of leadership is a podcast which brings to you an educational and inspiring interview with the most relevant, and motivating leaders of the day, who have dedicated their life to pursuit of truth, common sense and courageous leadership.
You can download all the episodes which are a total of 41 in number till the date 20-04-2013.  So right now I can listen to the 41 leaders, for free of cost. It is a worth to spend the time to listen the leaders, so that you can also become a leader. I listen to the podcast because I think I am a leader in my own way, I lead my life to get the success. 
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