Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drawing your Thoughts into Pictures

I am learning to draw the random thoughts in my mind on paper, here are few example:

  • I draw a man driving a two wheeler. Why did I draw this?
 I love two wheeler for their freedom of having large space on road as compared to other vehicles, so they require less space and can turn around at small places also. They also need less fuel, so they are more economic for day to day work.
A person driving two wheeler

  • I draw a person sit in meditation pose. That needs no explanation why I draw that because everyone knows the benefits of meditation. If I can draw a person sit in meditation then surely I can sit myself in meditation. 
  • I draw a person doing physical exercises specifically, standing in air squat posture. This drawing is again inspired by the desire to remain fit and healthy.
  • I draw a couple with smiles on both faces. They are holding each other's hand and are looking at camera. This is a good pose for them.
  • I draw a man asleep in his bed with his head toward right direction. His body is straight but covered with the blanket. I draw this to inspire myself to leave the work aside when it is the time to take rest.
Thanks for your kind visit!