Sunday, May 12, 2013

Amazing Feelings with Meditation for 25 Minutes

Wow! I was planning to do the meditation since last few weeks but delayed it to next day. Today, after having my own time table of the daily routine, I did the meditation, for about 25 minutes. I searched for the websites and blogs by other authors from where I got the knowledge of the meditation and its advantages.
I have a different mind state of calmness and peace after meditating and it feels great and wonderful.
I think the meditation is good to practice everyday, in the morning of evening. As stated in the blog itself, meditation can be done for few minutes to hour long also, and on the first day itself I was able to do it for 25 minutes. 
If you are a someone who want a change for the good opt for the meditation, it is really a good practice.
 I wish you good luck!
Thanks for your kind visit!