Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Human Values and professional ethics"- A workshop experience at SIRDA College of Engineering.

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I am here to share with you, my experience of a one week workshop, on a new subject titled as "Human Values and professional ethics" which, I attended on 1st week of January 2013 at SIRDA College of Engineering for free because, this was sponsored by HPTU.

My mind is always humming some song or lines, about love, respect and understanding. I was inspecting and searching for some driving force behind them. This workshop is also one of the reason so, as many of other people(mainly teachers) have shared this experience with me, I think this is a good topic to write about.

This was a new experience for me. All the teachers and staff from the nearby Engineering colleges, affiliated to HPTU, were invited to attend the workshop at SIRDA Group of Institution.

Mr. Kumar Sambhav was the main person who did all the teaching. He made the attendants believe that everybody in this world wants to do good for you and expects same.

Can you believe that everybody in your life is a friend of you, including the person which you still think  to be your enemy? You want to believe, but you don't believe.

Same is the case with me but after attending this workshop I think my belief is shaken and I have started to believe this new belief.

Let me explain why is everyone a friend to you.

I will explain it to you by asking the following four questions which they asked to me, please be honest while answering them with a 'Yes' and 'No'.

  1.  Do you want to be happy?
  2.  Do you want to make others happy too?
  3.  Are you always happy?
  4. Do you always make others happy?
Have you answered them? Alright!
Your answer for the first and second question are

  • YES
  • YES
 and answer for the third and fourth question are

  • Sometimes Yes and sometimes No
  • Sometimes Yes and sometimes No

 These are 4 simple questions which makes everyone surprised because, everybody has same answers.

If I ask the same question from your supposed enemy, he/she will have the same answers, that means he wants to make you happy too. Isn't this brilliant?

Further, still you are not happy with your enemy because, he/she is lacking with skills, which you also might be lacking in. 
So, their is a need to make our skills and understanding to enhance to make everybody happy around us.

This simple questioning can help anybody to understand that everybody around us, who is living being wants the same happiness as we want. Understanding is what is required from everyone.

Coming to conclusion, this workshop gave me a new way of thinking and this really has effected my life for a good change. I can't thank enough the whole team behind this workshop.

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