Monday, January 6, 2014

From a Tunnel Engineer into Lecturer

Although, mind never stops, but you realize it more clearly when you sit alone, mind will run fast, so fast that if you really try to catch it, this will be the most challenging game. 

Hello,  After spending about 1 hour with a book and about 15 minutes of physical idleness, finally, I am ready to put this all, here as my next post.

Let me tell you that this post is popping out of my memories. I will try to be interesting and also educational at the same time.  Recalling my mindset which, I had about two years back, I see it to be filled with many confusions and tiredness. I was working with a job which I thought I liked. I  discovered it now that there was something else which I liked more.

I use to walk  through tunnel bed, which was soaked with water on the days and nights, same. Once half asleep, I tried to stand up and almost fell on that moist surface, this was Er. Katoch wearing white Engineer's cap. He had shook me with his voice at mid-night of our night shift. I was trying to sleep and sit at the same time at the junction of the Intermediate adit with main HRT(Head Race Tunnel).

Katoch being the in-charge of the shift was on the round and so, did his duty by telling others what he saw last night. In the down side of the junction lining of the tunnel was the main job and on the up side blasting and propping the shape of the tunnel. One cigarette pack was not enough for one night shift so sometimes asking for spare ones from others(no matter who) was not a shame at all.

Checking the labor was important because competing with the other shift was also one of our passion along with the sleep. Sleeping inside the camper was the best refreshment, which we used to take, turn by turn with the other fellow Engineers.

Tunneling at UHL stage III was started years ago at the end of year 2002, and after "Satyam", Continental this was Abir Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. who had started to drill it further.

There were so many other factors which, I believe makes it the hardest part of my life. Salary was rarely on time. I ended this job within few months when I wrestled few words with vice president of the company. He was on the site visit and  someone had complained something about me, of which I asked the details.

I said "Tell me who complained and what, otherwise I resign here and now itself (I know I forgot politeness but, that is how I become when somebody surprises me with complains)". He took it as a threatening and so, he said okay. I felt relief when instantly, I removed my cap and shoes,  picked up the pen and paper and started to write the resignation letter.
I never cared who complained what about me, I was happy to leave that job.

Somehow, I had realized that hydro power projects are not for me. I left Patel Engg. Ltd. with whom I worked as a billing Er. at Loharinag Hydro Electric Power Project at Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand) and now I after about another 9 months I was ready for third job.

With the contacts of Er. Vikas Sood(HPSEB) Uhl Stage-3, I got to know about vacant posts as Lecturer in Civil Engg. Dept. of Abhilashi Group of Institution at Ner Chowk. Within two days I came with a box of sweets and offered it to the site in-charge and the labor too.

This is how it happened, Next day itself I put myself into my cousin brother Mr. Kamlesh's cab who coincidentally was going to Sunder Nagar to meet his Father in laws and family.

Neelu bhai was elder brother of my cousin's wife and was well acquainted with the Engineering college and its managing director(MD). So, it made me little more confident and we in his car we three visited the college.

While replying to the questions asked by MD of Abhilashi Group of Institution, I felt myself to be relaxed and agreed to his view of 'teaching being a respectful and relaxed job'. We negotiated for the salary, and then I came happily outside the building with the appointment letter in my hand.
Chail Chowk - Dec 2011 - Fresh Snowfall on side of my rented room.

Accordingly I joined as the lecturer at the Abhilashi group of Engineering at Chail-Chowk. With the help of my brothers I rented a room at Chail-Chowk and started my another job.

Luckily place was beautiful but was cold and very small, somehow I managed for one semester but in next semester I was in SIRDA college of Engineering. How I got there is another  story and then how I got into JNGEC Sunder Nagar is yet another.

This is now the third year of my career as a lecturer at Engineering college and now here I am sitting in another rented room at Sunder Nagar with another mind set. Although I am not excited much about this place because this is boring but I like my job.

 I have changed many habits after getting into this profession, I have left drinking and smoking and  instead of spending my money on them, I spent it now on books.
Now, I don't remember nightmares but I love to dream and I love to put them in writing too. I have realized blogging as one of my passions.

Now I love to share and you know what, I am ready to learn new ideas and new good stories more than before. Please, don't take that a tunnel Engineer is all about what I have described myself, I am only trying to tell you what suits me not and what suits me. 

If something is not good for you, change it until you find it good for you. If something is not good for you, then you are also not good for the thing so, better apart! Find something which you are good for and good for you too!

Is there any such change in your life which you have to share?
Please share it with me, I am ready to listen.