Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thought Controlling

Meditation (Image source: Google images)
It is always amazing to start my day with meditation. I feel more fulfilled and happy. I have so much energy after I meditate for a while.
Each Time I feel dizzy, I sit in the Sidhasna or Sukhasna, hands on the knees or in the Venus lock mudra and close my eyes.
Take a deep breath,... hold,.......  exhale!
Take second deep breathe, hold, ... exhale!
You will feel relaxed and then,

All I have to do is just observe my breathing, say "Sauuu!" while it is in, and say "Hummm!" while it is coming out.
If your hands are on the knees, facing downwards, just follow the two words I use, you will get an instant relaxation.

You have to observe your breathe, that is all! but that is the biggest challenge for almost any human being in this earth.
People can not do that, you know why...? . because they are controlled by their mind.
Mind is constantly thinking and thinking and you don't even know it.
This is the first realization for a beginner of the meditation. You will realize how much disorganized and disobedient it is, it will not listen to your order. If this is the case then you need more practice to teach your mind to obey you.

So all you have to do is to sit in the meditation posture and observe your breathe. You have to teach it to get shut up. Initially it will teach you, or may conspire against your plan to conquer it, but if you are determined, just follow the meditation.
You will have the first taste of happiness and peace once, your thoughts stop coming on the screen. You must understand that this is the state which is to be regularly practiced, Everyday!
Make meditation as the most important work of your daily routine imagine, if you are forced to hold your breath, you will die.
Same way if your do not practice the mind control, you are already dead!
So take the charge of your mind, and learn to leave in freedom, this is happiness and peace.