Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Feel Sad

Sometimes a very beautiful pre-assumed morning, turns into a shock with a whole day of mental disturbance and still I am not able to digest the whole incident which I saw at NH-21(the most busiest road in the Mandi district) so, came up this blog post. I saw two policemen standing at the driveway near to my rented room.
Damaged Car on NH-21 Chatrokhri, Sunder Nagar

I was not surprised to see a damaged car(they can be seen everyday here and there at Sunder Nagar) which invited them after hitting a huge tree on the side of the road, opposite to the GSSS, Sunder Nagar, Salah.
It was 6:15 AM in the morning and only very few morning air lovers could be spot and only a single woman was there with the policemen discussing the whole scene.

 If this was afternoon, scene may have looked much different because, more people are available to notice. Almost, everyday accidents happen in this local area of Sunder Nagar and that is why it seems a normal incident to look at, but this is not normal.

This is the same spot which I cross each day after giving the noticeable indicator of my motor-cycle, and I do the same everyday but I was almost hit to death by a car once few months earlier.  I got noticed a few seconds earlier by the car driver so, thanks to his consciousness but, I hated him for driving at such a high speed. The road stretches straight up to 300 to 400m, and people drive at the speed of their heart, forgetting to consult their mind.

What I found after hearing the discussion, made me very sad, a man(father of girl) who was driving to Chandigarh to catch a flight for her daughter. Girl was without the seat belt and left her parents shocked. No one would ever have imagined that it could be so fast and furious, but that is what happens when this is a road accident.  I didn't speak or inquired anything to the policemen, except a click with a flash.
 I want to suggest to everyone to take various precautionary measures while driving such as wearing the seat belt and driving with full consciousness. I supposed that the gentleman was still half asleep which triggered this life taking accident.

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