Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What inspires me to Travel

Hello there!
Well, today I feel little heavy on my head, so I have to put it out. I already have posted about my admission into the M.Tech. program in Geotechnical Engineering and Underground Structures at NIT Hamirpur. I don't know if this is easy for people to officially become a lecturer in an Engineering college and then to re-take admission into another Engineering institute as a student.
Tarun, as I have already mentioned in many earlier blog posts, one of my college mate, friend and senior from my Alma mater, suggested to me that I should write a post on my experience of becoming a student again after 5 years of working, well, I have plans to do so.

This post is not about that, but, I want to write about what else I have in my mind. Tarun has introduced me to some of the lovely places at my own home state. As he has a good hobby of trekking up to the Himalayas and posting the stories into his personal website, he inspired me further to write some new content into my travel blog, which I had started just for the sake of starting a travel blog.

It didn't make me popular like he has been through his travel blog, because I know it takes real passion to become the one, but surely, those few trekking and bike riding trips has increased my geographical sense. Now I confidently can tell the difference between North and East, which I used to get confused with. Other than Tarun, there is one another person in my life who inspires me to do frequent traveling and explore more.

This is not a world tourist or any famous adventurer, not Indiana Jones, neither James Bond, it is a girl, officially but secretly my girl friend. I can't explain it logically but it makes sense to me, in an unexplainable way, I feel good to travel now, in a more sensible way. I want to take her along and travel around the Globe, that is the reason that I have put the name of my traveling blog as "Travels Around the Globe".

One of the new age technology and innovation is the Google Maps, which really helped me to get in touch with the world map. However, I considered myself a fool in Geography, I am confident that change is the law of nature and I am not different than nature.

Since last two weeks, days have been more than just busy, I am not a lecturer anymore. Attending 3 classes makes me tired enough to feel dizzy in the second half of the day.  Still, I try to do the self study and write few blog posts twice in a week. I hope God will open up some ways.

Do you have same hobbies? I would love to hear from you, so please do share.

Thanks for your kind visit!

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