Tuesday, December 25, 2012

India getting heated due to the "Gang rape-Delhi".

It was a very sad incident which happened  in the Capital city of our country, where a girl was gang-raped by six persons and then was thrown out of the school bus, which they kept roaming in the streets of the City.
It was a shameful act which has left almost everyone shocked.
I never heard such horrendous act ever before and just like me almost everyone want a punishment for the culprits more than just imprisonment. 
I think the culprits should be given the most painful punishment and then they should be hanged till death, but right now in India there is no such punishment, so the public want that Govt. should change the law by modifying it. 
Govt. seems to be against such thought, the reason is not clearly mentioned yet. Demonstrators are getting violent everyday and it has resulted into the death of a innocent policeman. It has been reported that the policeman was attacked by the violent demonstrators near the India Gate and within one day he expired. 
He was cremated with honor. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dixit was present at the cremation.
I think Govt. should act on the public demand, because such an shameful act has left everyone shocked and angry.
Also I think there is a need to change the thinking of the people, and one should remember that girl is the most important living creature in this world to carry it forward. She is the one who gave you birth, and before that she kept you there for nine months protecting from everything and also provided you the food, so that you can come to this world. After all this how can you do all this.
You should be thankful to God for creating the woman and you should respect its creation. Level up the  morals of one another. The parents should try to be aware of everything, and should train their children well.